Ikebana International Toronto Chapter


Celebrating 35 Years! 

Welcome!  The Toronto Chapter of Ikebana International (208) was founded in 1981 and is a chartered chapter of Ikebana International. 


December 3rd Festive Workshop

Festive Workshop
Our annual Festive Workshop and gathering will be held next Saturday, December 3rd (10:30 am) at the J.C.C.C.  We will finish up  with a potluck luncheon after the workshop. We appreciate the help of attending Sogetsu members in setting up the lunch counter.

For the workshop, each participant will receive a container (which is theirs to keep), and will be supplied with floral material to work with. There will be a demo of a freestyle arrangement made using the same container style and materials to start it off, and then we'll get to see all the different displays the participants' creativity show us. Participants are to bring 'ikebana took kit' or at the very least garden shears, to cut and prepare their materials.

To help cover the costs of the floral material and the container, there is a Materials Fee of $20 for participating members. You are welcome to invite non-member guests to participate as well, although their Materials Fee is $28. If you would like to join the workshop, please RSVP and confirm your attendance by replying to this email by end of day Monday, November 28th.
We're looking forward to the opportunity to meeting up with many of you to catch up and enjoy doing some ikebana at the same time.  RSVP:  torontoiipresident@gmail.com

35th Anniversary Photo Album Project

In celebration of our Chapter's 35th anniversary, we're planning on putting together a photo album of pictures from our show, which members can purchase a printed copy of. As we prepare this project, we're looking for photo submissions to include in the album. If you have any photos you'd like to submit for consideration, please let us know. We can afterwards arrange the transfer of files either by email or download.