Ikebana International Toronto Chapter



The Toronto Chapter 
of Ikebana International (208) 
was founded in 1981 and 
is a chartered chapter of Ikebana International


2018 Pre-Show Demonstration

Pre-show Demonstration 2018

2018 Fall Show

Fall Flyer_2018

Demonstrators Bio's

Sharon Koor :: Ohara School

   Since 1996 she has been an international committee member

 for all of Ikebana International's World Conventions held every five      

 years in Japan.

 For more than forty years Sharon has taught and demonstrated

 ikebana in England, Canada, America, and the Caribbean.

 In June 2010 Sharon introduced Ohararyu ikebana to Saaremaa,

 Estonia at the Mihkli Talu Museum. She has since given workshops

 and demonstrations at Kadriorg Museum and Adamson-Erik

 Museum in Tallinn.

 She has participated in ikebana exhibitions in Japan, Jordan, Taiwan        

 and India.

 From 2000 - 2012 she taught ikebana at ROM (The Royal Ontario

 Museum) in Toronto.

 In 2012 Sharon Koor received The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

 Award for her ikebana endeavours.

 In 2017 Sharon was one of the eight overseas members invited to   

 demonstrate at the 11th Ikebana International World Convention in  

 Okinawa, Japan.  More than 1,000 members from around the world  

 attended this convention.Sharon Koor is a First Master of The Ohara School of Ikebana.

 She is a founding member of The Toronto Ohara Chapter

 and Vice President of The Toronto Japanese Garden Club.

 From 1995 -1997 Sharon was President of Ikebana International

 Chapter 208 in Toronto.

 She has given ikebana lessons on Breakfast Television and Michael

 Enright's CBC Radio Program "Sunday School".

Irene Foulkes :: Ikenobo School

Born: Irene Toshiko Nakamura Slocan, British Columbia

1964: Began study of Ikenobo Ikebana at the Toronto Buddhist Temple with Sachi


1970: Studied daily for 1 year at Rokkakudo temple, the headquarters of the Ikenobo

school in Kyoto, Japan with senior Professor Ueno,

1980: Again, a year’s study in the practice hall at headquarters, this year also adding

rikka to my studies with senior Professor Fujii, a rikka specialist.

I was very privileged to study under these two professors who held special life-time

positions within Ikenobo headquarters.

1989: Studied again for a year at the new headquarters of the school in the international

class taught by Senior Professor Miura. She had been Professor Fujii ‘s special

assistant since 1970.

1985: (Around this time) Started teaching at the Toronto Buddhist Temple giving weekly

classes for 6-7 months of the year. I continue to do this. I hold the certificate of Senior

Professor of Ikebana 3rd Grade.

Presently, I am a vice-president of the Hamilton Ikenobo Society and a board member

of the Toronto Japanese Garden Club.

I have displayed arrangements and given workshops and demonstrations at various

locations in Ontario.

2018 activities:

- Gave a presentation of Ikenobo ikebana to the Niagara Garden Club
- Demonstrated at the Chinese Artistic Orchid Show
- Participated and helped organize (particularly the mini display) the 50th Anniversary
Hamilton Ikenobo Ikebana Society show
- Gave a workshop on the iris shoka arrangement to members.
- Participated and helped organize the Japanese Garden Club Morning Glory
Show(Aug.) and will co-chair the Chrysanthemum show. (Oct.)

Personal note: married to Frank Foulkes and have 2 sons, Bryan and Michael, and 2

wonderful grandchildren. Live in the Riverdale area.

Marcia Lenglet :: Misho School

I was one of the last two people to join the Misho school. I met with Mrs. Tamara on a weekly basis for a long period of time. She had total command of all forms in the Misho school and was also.gifted at creating free form arrangements. I have continued arranging flowers in the Misho style since her death. Ikebana has brought peace to my life.

Magdalena Tamura-Reid :: Sogetsu School

Magdalena Tamura-Reid believes ikebana is beautiful art form that requires discipline and continuous study – and funding.  She is passionate for learning and promoting ikebana.

She is a Grade 3 Teacher and member of the Sogetsu Teacher’s Association based in Tokyo.  After moving to Toronto in 2014, she has been honoured to continue her Sogetsu studies with Yukie Asa.

She is past President of the Philadelphia Chapter and currently on the board of the Toronto I.I. Chapter.  She is also on the board of the Toronto Sogetsu Branch.

As a member of Ikebana International for 15 years, she believes that Ikebana International has played – and will continue to play – an important role as stewards of the future of ikebana.   She believes that leadership is crucial to support and represent the ever-evolving art form, to communicate its value to individuals and to keep it relevant in our modern society.

At present, her primary focus is as Chair of the Ikebana Iwaya Fund.  The objective of this Endowment Fund is to provide funds to the ikebana community (to promote and disseminate ikebana) and identify synergies amongst ikebana organizations.  

In the ten years since the Iwaya Fund was established it has channelled over $200,000 to Ikebana International Chapters and many ikebana study groups.  Amongst the beneficiaries are the Toronto I.I. Chapter and the Toronto Sogetsu Branch

Magdalena is also on the organizational committee for the upcoming Ikebana International’s North & Central American Regional Conference to be held in Dallas, October 2019.  She encourages everyone to attend this conference, as it is an exceptional window to the showcasing the breadth and best of the ikebana world.